Ahh, the famous words before an epic boss pull. Everyone’s got food and flask (ideally), knowledge of the fight has been studied and reiterated, now it’s time to get the attempt underway.

I decided to start my own blogging adventure, but on my terms. I wanted a venue where I could write what I felt like, when I felt like it. I may go through phases of multiple posts for you to devour. Othertimes, I’ll go through a bit of a writer’s drought. It happens. What does that mean? It means that if you see a new post from me pop up in your reader or email, you know that it’s because I felt inspired to write, and not because I had to write.

Where I Came From

I’m not going to go through and write every single game I’ve ever played, why I played it, or what it meant to me. These are things that I hope you’ll come to know over time. In regard to blogging or being a part of the “online community”, I’ve blogged, podcasted, and even been a “reporter” for a fansite.

For some odd reason, Matticus over at World of Matticus decided he wanted to let me be a part of his blogging team for a while. I loved it. To a certain degree, I miss it. I liked having that access to a community of people who wanted to read what I had to write about. It opened up some great conversations, and also subjected me to some behavior about myself that I’m not really proud of. I decided to step down because I need a venue where I can write on my own schedule. A sincere thanks to Matt and Lodur for the time I got to spend with them.

I also co-host the Raid Warning Podcast. I get to spend a couple hours a week with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Seven, Lodur, and Nads. We can kick back a few beers, laugh a bit about dick and fart jokes, and talk about WoW (and the WoW TCG–a game that I sadly don’t think I’ll have the schedule to be able to play regularly…sad panda). We’re definitely an ill-humored podcast that sometimes has some meaningful things to say. Please check it out. We don’t bite. I also had a small stint helping get Guild Wars Insider on its feet, circa PAX East 2011.

Where We Go From Here

I plan on writing what I feel about the MMO world (specifically pertaining to WoW and SWTOR), as well as the life I have that goes with it. Am I WoW-specific? No. Will I be TOR-specific? No. Will there be some posts that may not pertain to your interests? Perhaps. I plan to have a very organic blogging experience, peppered with some good information for those that share the same interests as me.

I started writing a “guide” for World of Matticus that was called “Raid Leading 101”, chronicling my attempt to form and maintain a 10man raiding team in WoW. Look for that experience, struggle, and triumph to make its way into my blog. I’m not perfect, but who really is? I hope anyone looking to start or run a raid team can use some of the experience that I have; I also hope to gain insight to some my own struggles through the dialogue that we will have.

I’ve also initially joined up with a really promising SWTOR Imperial guild that I hope goes places. I’m not “hardcore”, but I do put my all behind my endgame playing. “RaD” echoes a lot of the values and qualities that “Team Sport” has in WoW. I’m excited to see what happens. I’ve got a few of my friends, as well as my brother, with me.

I’ll also just put my two cents in here and there about things that are going on in my life and how that ties into my gaming life. You’ll learn about my quest for my Master’s degree, my personal life, etc. I won’t bore you with every little detail; however, I do feel that for you to understand where I’m coming from with respect to gaming, you’ll have to see where I come from in real life. I welcome your personal experiences as well.

I also welcome your input with regard to what you want to see. I don’t ever want this site to be me on a soapbox (although it may be that from time to time), so please let me know what you want to talk about. Something you’re struggling with or a thought you’ve had.

Let the Fun Begin!

Bear with me as I get settled in. You’ll see the theme of this blog change here and there while I find out what I want HBN to look like. It’ll get there, don’t worry. I’ll also be adding people to my blogroll, so you can also see my friends and who I’m reading regularly.

So, welcome to Healer by Nature. Grab a seat, and simply enjoy.


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