Ding! Dong! The Firelord is dead!!

Finally! After a while of hammering out as many 6/7 clears as we could, we finally downed the elemental beast! It was a long few days of attempts (every Thursday was “Rag night”…not to be confused with a female ailment), but Ragnaros died on a warm Thursday night. We ended up two-healing it with Rykga, our Holy Paladin, and me, a Resto Shaman. It basically came down to a fight of keeping yourself alive. I kept reminding everyone that because it was being two-healed, there was little to no room for mistake. Our DPS isn’t by any means through the roof, but it’s solid enough that we needed to have everyone alive to get the job done. Rykga and I were definitely pushed to our max limits, but aside from our other main healer (Discotheque, a Resto Druid), I couldn’t imagine any one else in there healing.

We’re still working on one of our raiders and getting him up to the level of the rest of the raiders. This person has done a great job in terms of enthusiasm and interest, but he’s lacking throughput right now. He really is a great team player, but we just have to work on his output in the roles that he’s fulfilling. Now, don’t get me wrong: if he was an asshat, he’d be out the door. I don’t ever overlook a player’s personality. They have to bring a positive attitude to the table, in addition to everything else. It’s just the “everything else” that we’re working on. I have no problem teaching, but it’s just taking longer than I originally anticipated. More on that to come. You can also check out Rykga’s blog, where she talked about Holy Paladin throughput.

Coming up, I’ll be on the Double O Podcast with Rykga (Ophelie) and Oestrus. I’m definitely excited to talk casual raiding with them on Wednesday the 19th. Check it out!


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