SWTOR: Queue Queue!

Yup, it’s a pain.

The dreaded queue time! 30 minutes, 50 minutes, an hour, two hours, four hours, 6+ hours!!!! Oh my god the agony! The world’s going to end!!!

Actually, it’s not. Everyone just take a step back and breathe. Put down your drink (or have a drink, either way). I, like you, was a bit alarmed at the large queues before we’ve even hit official launch. I was in an hour-long wait, got DC’d after a Warzone, then got put into another 1.5 hour queue. It sucks. Not negating that.


It’s not going to always be that way. Trust me. Trust history. Trust Bioware. They’re not going to let servers sit this high. It’s bad business. I highly doubt Bioware and EA’s reputable histories are going to suddenly be lies. They’ve been good businesses up to this point. It ain’t stopping now. It’ll iron itself out. This is…shall we say… crunch time!

Server Theory

Servers are supposedly “capped”. Bioware (@swtor) and Stephen Reid (@Rockjaw) have said through Twitter that they’ve already bumped up the server caps for some servers. Expect this to happen a lot once the game gets rolling at full speed. They want servers to have full and thriving populations, not a myriad of half-pop servers that end up dying out as people look for bigger communities.

Those of us that are “tied” to servers through Guild Deployment and server placement, hold your ground. If you absolutely need to move, go for it. No one is stopping you. The servers are going to be “full” so that they’ll start opening servers that the newer people will head to. No one will want to join a server that’s “reporting” an hour or more queue. Once those servers are “capped” and “showing queues”, they’ll open up new ones, and bump up the caps slightly on the “full” ones. Once everyone’s supposedly in the game and they’ve opened up as many servers as they deem necessary, they’ll lift the caps to where they’re supposed to be, and everyone’s happy!

Not to say it’s not going to be a bit tight right now. That’s for sure. I’m on Swiftsure, the unofficial Oceanic server, so I’m in the trenches with you. Just hang in there. It WILL get better. Bioware has been great at listening to us thus far. They’re listening now.

A Message to the Ragers

Go ahead. Go for it. I see plenty of you declaring war on Bioware. It’s actually amusing to watch.

“I’ve been playing a ton of MMOs and I’ve never seen server queues…”

Wrong, sir/madam. WoW had large queues and hugely unstable servers. Rift had queues upwards of 3,000 people and 3+ hours. Star Wars Galaxies had the same issue, and sold just as many starting copies as WoW did. It’s part of the game. As launches go, this is one of the smoothest that I’ve ever seen.

“I’m not paying to wait!”

You’re right. You’re not. You’re in Early Access, which is a thank you from Bioware for pre-ordering. They originally said we were going to be in up to 5 days early. They expanded that by two days. It’s December 17th, and everyone is in Early Access that pre-ordered. Even if you pre-order today, you can get in before the game officially launches. We got a 2-day grace period. So, you’ve still got another 5 days until you’re a paying customer.

“If this isn’t fixed, I’m walking…”

It’ll get fixed. Bioware has acknowledged that. It’s a process. Nothing is instantaneous. If something breaks, doesn’t it take time for you to fix it? If you have to go somewhere, doesn’t it take time to get there? This is no different. Just like any other MMO, there are going to be downtimes, rolling restarts, maintenance periods, etc. I don’t see anyone complaining about those times. Consider this “population maintenance” while everything gets set up.


If you’re going to continue to tout your entitlement and thrust your wallet in the air, then I ask you to go. If you don’t have an ounce of patience in your body to understand that this is all part of Bioware’s intention to have bustling server populations instead of dead realms (cough…Nazjatar), then I really don’t want you in this community. I’ll even pack your bags for you! We’re working really hard to build a cohesive and harmonious community, and the constant bickering and spitting from the peanut gallery isn’t wanted. Have a good day.


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