Pozo’s SW:TOR Primer for “Noobs”

You gotta give credit where credit is due, right? Pozo, the co-GM of my guild Respected and Despised, put together a little primer for all of us. It’s things for MMO veterans, as well as rookies. I’ve tweaked it a little bit, but it’s a great starting point! Without further ado…hit the jump for more!

Pozo’s Primer

1. Take your time. Most people would say “Duh” to this but it is hard to shake the mentality picked up from wow and other MMOs that make you want to level to max asap. The time it takes to get max level is gonna be longer than most are used to so you might as well enjoy it.

2. Be sure to grab every quest you see. Your log has 25 slots for quests so be sure to take advantage of it even if you don’t plan on doing the quest at all. You never know what quest will lead to a new area or good loot.

3. You get your Crew Skills (professions) at the Imperial Fleet after you get off your starter world. But don’t worry too much about them because they can be a big credit sink if you try to do a lot of missions all the time. Your companions don’t have to be busy 24/7. And early on that money is needed for training skills.

4. You can pick your Advanced Class (AC) at level 10. It is not based on story. Once you hit level 10 a quest will become available that will let you chose between them. The quest giver is right in front of the elevator from the starter worlds on the imperial fleet.

5. You get your ship from doing the story quests, not from level. I won’t spoil the story by telling you when, but you don’t need to worry about buying it.

6. Class Missions are the most important. Although important, it does not take you everywhere; you can miss out on a ton of world missions if you leave the planet when your class quest says to. There will be a mission-giver in the starport after you finish those big missions that will send you back into the world. Utilizing the little missions, regardless of level, will likely get you to the next level before the new planet.

7. Commendations are things you get from doing missions and killing mobs on that specific planet. Since they are both drops and mission rewards I suggest not picking them as a mission reward when given the option. You are usually better off selling the green item unless there are several pieces of gear you want from the commendation vendor. You can’t upgrade them anymore so be sure to spend them before you leave for a new planet.

8. “Bonus Objectives” are the “kill X number of rats” type missions which are tied to bigger ones. Unlike real missions, these have no story and can’t be picked up until you kill a mob that is a part of the it. Also, if you complete the real quest, the bonus objective goes away. Most non-stealth classes shouldn’t have trouble finishing the bonus before the real mission but stealthers tend to skip stuff. Just be sure not to finish the real mission before the bonus because the bonus is a nice, well, bonus of xp.

9. Companion gear is not something you should stress over. Some missions give companion specific gear, and you can always give them the usual mission greens. However, it is not something you should spend credits or commendations on (or roll need on in flashpoints!).

10. You absolutely want to buy your speeder as soon as you can! Credits start coming fast in the late teens/ early. Unless you are blowing your credits on Crew Skills or items, this shouldn’t be a problem. You will NOT want to be on Tatooine without your speeder.

11. Modifications can be confusing (I’ll try to post a primer on these, too). You get them from missions and they are all over the vendors. They are not really needed unless you want to learn how to use them. Just sell them if you don’t know what to do with it. It’ll matter more at the higher levels with Flashpoints and Operations.

12. Companions have special modifiers for Crew Skills. Efficiency lowers the time to make an item or to be out on a crew mission. Crit raises chance to make an exceptional gear piece, or get better rewards for crew missions.

13. At this point, there isn’t a cooldown on running Flashpoints. You can run them over and over agin for social, companion, and Light Side/ Dark Side points. If you are level 40 and running Black Talon over and over again (a run takes about fifteen minutes that way), you can only gain affection points with the first companion you recieved. Companions you gained after your first will not have the ability to gain points.

14. The command to reload the interface is Ctrl+U. This is great for when a vendor or Crew Skills window bugs out. To hide the interface is Alt+Z.

15. Be sure to loot commendations from bosses you kill. This isn’t WoW where you never have to bend over Happy.

So… a pretty good start! What else do you think would help the newer players? List them in the comments!


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