Thespius on “The Leetsauced Podcast”

Oh god…what did I get myself into this time?

The Leetsauced Podcast is run by a couple friend of mine, Vik and Logan. I met them on the Ner’zhul server while working with their guild, Conquest. A couple really funny guys. If you like off-topic humor in your gaming, then this is definitely the podcast for you! Rayfyst (Dark Corner of Rayfyst & The Sundering Podcast) also joins me in guest-ing. =) I don’t remember much from that night, but I remember having stories for my girlfriend the next morning about what was being said. All she did was roll her eyes which means it definitely was a funny night! =D Check it out.


Also, follow them all on Twitter: @Leetsauced, @RyanGPHX, @loganowitz, @rayfyst

My next post won’t be until the 26th. So, if you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a great one! Be good, and stuff! =)


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