The End of the World (of Warcraft)

Wouldn’t it be apropos for me to make this post into something about the Galactic Empire annihilating Azeroth. The Death Star killed Deathwing! (See what I did there?) I’ve seen so many people looking to call each new MMO on the market the “WoW killer”. I think maybe at some point I shared that mindset, but then I stepped back and looked at what was going on. Everyone is going to have their “niche”. Every MMO out there has it’s own fanbase…even Star Wars Galaxies did until the end. Sure, some have a more cult following than the mainstream ones, but the point remains the same: to each his/her own.

Tastes often change. That’s okay. I used to be a fanatical SWG fan. I loved the “force-sensitive camp” and having to train as a Jedi while avoiding the “BH terms”. It made it feel like the world after Episode IV; Jedi had to train in secret, and there were few of them. The game then changed, and it wasn’t the world for me. That’s fine. I then joined my brother and some friends in WoW.

“Now here’s a little story, all about WoW….”

Through late “Vanilla” and all the way through Cataclysm, I cut my teeth as an MMO player. I never thought that I would be the type of person to schedule my game time. I never thought I would ever be a regular forum user. I never thought I would blog about gaming. I never thought I would podcast! Needless to say, I developed a passion for MMO and online gaming. It’s simply time to shift into a different arena.

Since late Wrath of the Lich King, I had the pleasure to lead a group of my friends in a 10man raid team. I got the “raiding bug” back with Naxxramas 2.0. I knew my character, and I could strive to get better. Ulduar came, and my guild at the time was raiding sporadically…too sporadically, for me. I ended up linking up with Lodur (WoW Insider, For the Lore, Raid Warning, Way of the Totem) and his guild through Icecrown Citadel. It was a great ride, but my Team Sport crew was starting to get the raiding itch, and I had to scratch it for them.

Survey Says!

It ultimately went decently, but was a rough climb. There was a phase where I was the only “leader”–the only one doing strategy and planning. This newer style of raiding went against what we’ve always done, so I got a lot of flak from  the more “casual & veteran” members for it. But, there was a group of my friends that wanted to do this, and I wanted to do it with them. I wanted to be a force to be noticed on our server. We didn’t need to be server first, but I at least wanted to be somewhere among the pack. We wanted to complete normal content while it was current, and dabble in hardmodes.

It was a great ride, and we had some awesome stretches, but it’s time to move on. We’re reaching the end of this tier, and we’ve started losing people to real life. Some are looking for a more competitive environment than I could provide through Team Sport–I can’t blame them, I wanted more competition, too. Others are switching games entirely. We hit 4/8 in Dragon Soul in our first week (pretty standard), but just couldn’t pull it together past there. With everyone starting to look to their futures without “Team Sport” under their names, it makes little sense to try to fill the ranks for only four more bosses. I’m even among those that encountered real life, minimal post-Deathwing passion, and a new gaming pasture to graze on.

Say It Ain’t So

I may still dabble in the game, but overall, I’m making the shift. It’s funny. I never really considered how it would feel to cancel the subscription that I’ve held for over five years. Until that happens, I’m a mercenary healer. A healer for hire. If any of my 5 followers (just kidding… I know there are 6 of you) needs an Earth Shield on Ner’zhul, let me know!

I can’t help but be a little sad at throwing in the towel. We got as far as we could with what we had to work with. We didn’t get as far as I’d hoped, but it was still a fun trip. I learned a lot about myself as a player and a leader, and I met some great people. Those experiences shall travel with me into my new home: Respected and Despised. The mindset that I couldn’t fully realize in WoW will be set to thrive in SW:TOR, and I feel that I’ve found the perfect team to do that. I’m excited about what the future brings.

So without further ado… a farewell to Elder Thespeus, the Resto Shaman, and all hail Lord Thespius, Dark Lord of the Sith….


2 responses to “The End of the World (of Warcraft)

  1. Always feels kinda sad to see a character go away like that :/ I’m really going to feel sorry about all my characters when I decide to make this decision

    • Yeah, I feel your pain. I’m not doing the “clean sweep” method, though. I’ll just leave my account untouched and end the subscription. May go back someday, but as of right now, it’s time for something new!

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