Single-Player RPG with a Co-op feel?

One simple answer: No.

Through my WoW experience, I’ve enjoyed Brigwyn’s place in the community. He’s had some pretty interesting things to say, and I respect the hell out of him. However, this caught my eye via Twitter:

A very interesting thread on the official #SWTOR forums. Seems I’m not alone in feeling Single Player RPG w/ Coop play

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The End of the World (of Warcraft)

Wouldn’t it be apropos for me to make this post into something about the Galactic Empire annihilating Azeroth. The Death Star killed Deathwing! (See what I did there?) I’ve seen so many people looking to call each new MMO on the market the “WoW killer”. I think maybe at some point I shared that mindset, but then I stepped back and looked at what was going on. Everyone is going to have their “niche”. Every MMO out there has it’s own fanbase…even Star Wars Galaxies did until the end. Sure, some have a more cult following than the mainstream ones, but the point remains the same: to each his/her own.

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